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NORA Leadership class is encouraging mentorship programs in northeast Oklahoma

Published: Friday, April 7, 2017

Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance (NORA) Leadership Class has successfully established a Men in the Making organization in Foyil, Okla. Foyil public schools are the first in northeast Oklahoma to agree to implement the Men in the Making program. This will be added to their daily activities and offered to 6th and 7th grade boys for the 2017-2018 school year.

Brad Jordan, elementary principal of Foyil schools, and Lance Williams, junior high/high school principal of Foyil schools, attended the Rogers County Superintendent’s Meeting on February 15, 2017. At the meeting, Jordan and Williams reached out to kick start the program and have both developed plans to ensure a positive impact for their youth.

Jordan stated that he believes that the Men in the Making clubs enhance the students’ school experience and teach them to understand what being a man really means.

“I hope our kids can mature through this program and see what grown men do, and how they act,” said Jordan. “The role models they can get through this program will be beneficial for years to come.”

Mid-America Pipeline Company (MAPCO) is the sponsor for the Men in the Making program at Foyil schools and have contributed $2000 to pay for the curriculum. MAPCO is currently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They originally began their operations in Foyil.

RJ Shultz, operations manager of MAPCO, explained the company's role in sponsoring was primarily fueled by the needs of the students.

“We thought that this organization would be a good asset for the kids,” said Shultz. “This club will give them the materials they need and ideas for what they can achieve.

Shultz stated that since Foyil is such a small town, MAPCO believed it should gain more recognition for school activities. Additionally, they sponsored the Men in the Making club to allow such a small school to shape and mold prosperous young men.

“We are based in Tulsa now, and since Foyil is a smaller school district, we wanted to do something that would contribute to the youth there,” said Shultz. “We like that the town is smaller because it allows them to focus on certain areas for growth with their students.”

Williams noted that he appreciated the curriculum of the organization and that it would turn out to be very beneficial for his students. He also explained that he believes the organization’s mentors will prove to be a very large part of the student’s life.

“Once they explained the curriculum I knew that we would be happy to join the program, “said Williams. “Kids today face so many more challenges than 20 years ago. The more mentors, role models or just positive relationships adolescents have, it will only increase their chances of being successful in all aspects of life.”

NORA leadership class is still working to implement more Men in the Making organizations to public schools in Northeast Oklahoma.

For more information on how you can sign up to become a mentor, please contact Darla Heller at (918) 772-8334 or by email at .