Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance
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2016 Regional Summit

Professionals will ENGAGE with area civic and business leaders; be ENERGIZED by workshops & speakers aimed at advancing organizations & communities, and EMPOWERED to move the region forward in the spirit of collaboration.

  Keynote Speakers

Jonathan Catherman
An award-winning cultural strategist, bestselling author, and education consultant, Jonathan speaks worldwide to audiences of all ages. His contagious energy and passionate speaking style entertains and inspires while his clear vision and practical instruction clarifies what principles and structural relations empower greatness in people and organizations.

Andy Stoll
An ESPY award-winning world traveler, social entrepreneur, and media producer, Andy speaks to audiences all over the United States. At the heart of his projects is community. Whether it is creating 
an incubator to assist start-ups or traveling around the world, community is a central theme in Andy’s work.

Agenda OCTOBER 25, 2016

8:00 – 10:00 AM
Breakfast & Opening Session
Herb Rozell Ballroom

8:00 – 8:30
Registration and Breakfast: 2016 Summit Emcee: Chuck Hoskin Jr., Cherokee Nation Secretary of State

8:30 – 9:00
Welcome: Steve Turner, NSU President
Larry Rice, RSU President
Jim Wilson, NORA Chair
Bill John Baker, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief

9:00 – 9:45
Opening Keynote: The Strength to Lead: Do you have it? How to build it? Where to use it? When to share it?
Presenter: Jonathan Catherman, award-winning cultural strategist, bestselling author and leadership consultant.

9:45 – 10:00

10:00 – 11:15 AM
Morning Workshops

Workshop 1 Engaging Entrepreneurs, Creating Jobs
Morgan Room, 3rd Floor
Nearly 100% of the net new jobs are created by companies less than 5 years old. This presentation will dive into specific frameworks and strategies on how to unlock entrepreneurial talent in your community.

Presenter: Andy Stoll, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Cornell College Faculty

Workshop 2 Empowering Communities Through Free Google Mapping Tools
Room 222
It is more important today than ever before to get your community on the map, literally. Learn from a leading Google Earth expert how to make your community accessible to the world with just a click of a button. This workshop will focus on giving nonprofit, public benefit organizations and communities the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their stories to millions of people through Google Earth and
Google Maps.

Presenter Scott Lemmon, Google Earth Outreach Trainer

Workshop 3 Energizing Your Community with Creative Financing Strategies
Ballroom Lounge
Innovative financing techniques are needed for infrastructure, planning, projects and programs. This workshop will focus on stories, tools and examples that will get your community thinking outside the box when it comes to financing your next big project.

Panelists: Andy McMillan, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Facilitator
Michael Davis, Oklahoma Finance Authority
Cheryl Vinall Denney, McAfee & Taft
Shelldon Miggletto, Financial Consultant

Workshop 4 Empowering Your Community with Help From the Oklahoma Department of Commerce
Room 223
Network with and learn how the Oklahoma Department of Commerce can help meet your community development needs. The agency will highlight their team of professionals dedicated to advancing northeast Oklahoma. ODOC will discuss priorities, tools and resources that can help your community grow and compete on national and international stages for business opportunities.
(Repeated at 3:15 Ballroom Lounge)

Panelists: Charlotte Howe, Northeast Oklahoma Regional Development Specialist, Facilitator
Michael Craig, Senior Research Analyst
Christopher Suttle, Business Incentives Specialist
Kimberly Hickerson, Marketing Project Manager
Rhonda Harding-Hill, Program Planner

Workshop 5 Empowering Communities Through Innovative and Diversified Projects
Room 225
Learn how communities are identifying strategies to meet their unique needs from addressing food insecurities in a food desert to empowering and mobilizing a community. Panelists will discuss their approaches and best community practices.

Panelists: Lisa Smith, Lake Area United Way, Facilitator
Dr. Jeanne Cooper, Northeast Oklahoma Community Action Agency
Melyn Johnson, Main Street Guymon, Inc.
Mayor Bob Coburn, Action in Muskogee (AIM)

Workshop 6 Energizing Growing Industry Clusters: NORA Spotlights Workforce Development
Room 224
This session will provide you with a look at tomorrow’s workforce and the high demand occupations of the future.

Panelist: Lisa Berry, Empower Change, Facilitator
Kevin Ishmel, Sintertech, Manufacturing Industry
Bill Peterson, EASTAR Health Systems, Healthcare Industry
Chef Don McClellan, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Hospitality Industry

Workshop 7 Energizing Communities Through Retail Sales
Redbud Room, 3rd Floor
Thriving retail sectors provide critical tax revenues for local government activities and provide goods, services and jobs directly in our communities; yet e-Commerce and big box stores make it more difficult for retailers to start and survive. Learn tips and strategies to attract and grow retailers in your community.

Panelists: Brian Hunt, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Facilitator
Glenn Glass, ODOC
Rickey Hayes, Retail Attractions
Warren Unsicker, Broken Arrow Economic Development

11:15 – 11:30

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Awards Luncheon & Keynote Address
Herb Rozell Ballroom

11:30 – 12:00
Darla Heller, NORA Executive Director

12:00 – 12:10
Jamie J. Herrera, Deputy Secretary & Chief of Staff, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

12:10 – 12:30
2016 NORA Scholarship Awards

12:30 – 1:30
Keynote Address: Growing Entrepreneurs in Unexpected Places
Herb Rozell Ballroom

Andy Stoll, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Cornell College Faculty.
In 2008, the world underwent a massive shift: The Great Recession, as it has become known, marks the end of the Industrial Age. This shift has ushered in a newly emerging “hyperconnected age”, an era driven primarily by technology, connectivity and the democratization of entrepreneurship and creativity. This shift has brought about the collapse of industries, deeply impacted manufacturing-based economies and has caused what feels, at times, like global chaos. But this era also gives unparalleled opportunities for individuals everywhere to turn ideas into reality. From medium-sized cities across the globe to rural regions in America’s heartland, communities need to build new systems and tools to help reinvent their economies through unlocking latent entrepreneurial talent. Andy Stoll, a serial entrepreneur and sought after speaker on leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity and community building, will join us for our lunch time keynote to share tales from his around-the-world adventures and some of the key lessons he learned along the way about how our communities can reinvent our economies for this new era.

1:30 – 1:45

1:45 – 3:00 PM
Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 8 Engaging Education in Economic and Community Development
Room 226
Public schools continue to teach academic core subjects but are also partnering with communities and businesses to prepare students for success in the 21st-century work environment. Innovative schools are transforming to teach digital literacy, career awareness, leadership and life skills.

Panelist: Don Raleigh, Pryor Public Schools, Facilitator
Stephanie Cameron, Dream It Do It and OK2Grow
Jaisy Myers, Tulsa STEM Alliance
Jay Calhoun, Cherokee Nation Businesses, Junior Achievement Board of Directors

Workshop 9 Energizing Small Business with Free Google Mapping Tools
Room 222
As social media and internet access increases globally, businesses today must be on the map. Learn from a leading Google Earth expert how to increase your online presence with just a click of a button. This workshop will focus on giving small businesses the tools and resources they need to showcase themselves to millions of people in Google Earth and Google Maps.

Presenter Scott Lemmon, Google Earth Outreach Trainer

Workshop 10 Engaging Tourists
Ballroom Lounge
Unlock unrealized revenue through visitor development and engagement strategies. Travel is not just about where you’ve been anymore – it’s about what you did while you were  there, how it made you feel, the people you met while  you were there and the memories you took home. A product is what you buy; an experience is what you remember.

Panelists: Kin Thompson, Northeastern State University
Amanda Davis, Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

Workshop 11 Engaging Legislators to Advance our Region and Communities
Redbud Room, 3rd Floor
Rural representatives have a wide set of issues to address. Learn how to advocate for your federal and state priorities. A panel of elected officials, congressional staff and community leaders will share their knowledge on how to effectively impact public policy.
(REPEATED at 3:15 Room 225)

Panelists: Heather Griffin, Kanati Strategies, Facilitator
Ed Crone, Grand Gateway Economic Development Assoc.
Wade Rousselot, Okla State Representative, District 12 
Kara Joy McKee, Oklahoma Policy Institute
William Barnes, US Congressman MarkWayne Mullin’s Field Representative

Workshop 12 Engaging Site Consultants in Your Economic Strategy 
Room 224
Successful communities know what site selectors are looking for and are very proactive in seeking out opportunities that fit with their communities’ growth strategy. Hear from  experienced professionals on how to recruit businesses, including how to use data available from local workforce offices and the Cherokee Nation.

Panelists: Tom Gray, Grand River Dam Authority, Consultant, Facilitator
Michael Gordon, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, Facilitator
Jim Igarta, Wagoner Industrial Authority
Diana Forth, Nowata County Economic Development Authority

Workshop 13 Engaging Generations
Room 223
Youth involvement is incredibly dynamic and service driven and one of the largest generations in modern history, while baby boomers are transitioning from full-time careers  to active retirement. Learn appropriate outreach techniques for engaging different generations and how to lead multi-generational teams.
(REPEATED at 3:15 PM Room 223)

Panelists: Kathy Adair, Indian Capital Technology Center
Mike Edwards, Google Data Center Operations
Brandon Irby, Associate Director, CIEDA, Claremore Collective

Workshop 14 Engaging Federal Resources
Morgan Room, 3rd Floor
USDA Rural Development will provide information on various programs used to help communities and businesses grow. The Small Business Administration will share information  regarding a new initiative “Startup in a Day” to help reduce the amount of time it takes businesses to apply for and  receive permits/licenses on a local level.  (REPEATED at 3:15 PM Room 221)

Panelists: Shay Smith, Cherokee Nation Commerce
Brian Wiles, USDA Acting Business Programs Director
Jerry Efurd, USDA Acting Community Programs Director
Dorothy Overal, District Director, SBA 

Workshop 15 Energize Entrepreneurship in Your Community 
Room 225
Hear directly from entrepreneurs regarding challenges opening  their businesses in rural communities and how  local government, local economic development organizations  and the community in general can help facilitate entrepreneurship and help small businesses start and  grow. funds. Come hear small business financing experts  explain various programs available to small businesses in  your community.

Panelists: Stephen Highers, Cherokee Nation Entrepreneurial Development Manager,  Moderator
Mayor Syd Barnes, Premier Wax Company, Ochelata
Jill Taylor, Owner, Swinging Bridge Boutique, Tahlequah
Danielle Coursey, owner & operator, Backwoods Foods, Tahlequah
Carol Couch, Green House, Sallisaw



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