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Men In The Making


The Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance (NORA) Leadership Academy is working to implement the nationally known mentorship program, Men in the Making, throughout schools in northeast Oklahoma as their service project. The program focuses on mentoring male teens and providing the materials to help them successfully transition into skilled, capable young men.

For boys who may not have a positive male role model in their lives, this program will help them learn practical skills and develop positive character traits. The class chose the project to have impact on the lives of youth in area, yet also to take steps toward a highly motivated workforce. The Men in the Making clubs are weekly service-learning meetings where young men find a sense of belonging while learning the life skills and personal character traits of confident, capable men.

The Men in the Making program was founded by Jonathan Catherman, best-selling author and speaker. Catherman has been involved in public and private education for 23 years and strives to deliver leadership models and instructional materials for the youth. While developing this curriculum Jonathan Catherman collaborated with Matthew Ohlson, Ph.D. of the Taylor Leadership Institute at the University of North Florida.

If you are interested in establishing a Men in the Making club in your area or supporting this endeavor, please contact Darla Heller at  918 772-8334


Jonathan Catherman
An award-winning cultural strategist, bestselling author, and education consultant, Jonathan speaks world wide to audiences of all ages. Jonathan created the One Million Men In The Making mentorship program.


Some boys receive guidance from a few good men including a father, teachers, and community leaders who surround them as they mature. Far too many boys today have no such support network. Men In The Making Clubs are weekly service-learning meetings where guys find a sense of belonging while learning the life skills and personal character traits of confident and capable men.

Based on research, instructional strategies, and proven mentoring program structures, Men In The Making Clubs were developed in partnership with educators, business, and community leaders. Gathering the guys in a weekly club offers a safe and empowering place for guys to learn and mature. Schools and community mentors start Men In The Making Clubs for guys in upper elementary, middle, and high school.

-Jonathan Catherman, from

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