Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance
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Program of Work

NORA's strategic priorities for 2016/17 are to promote northeast Oklahoma and energize regional growth through workforce development, public policy, and strengthening communities.

Promote Regionalism / Foster Rural and Regional Economic Growth

NORA strives to provide venues for members to collaborate and gain useful resources and information that produces a region poised to increase economic opportunities and create innovative solutions. The following provides stakeholders an avenue by which to collaborate and gain game-changing direction:  Targeted topic-driven meetings, the Annual Summit and the Education Summit.

Drive Workforce Development

NORA is dedicated to the development of a highly-qualified workforce by playing a leadership role in enhancing partnerships between educational institutions, the business community, and stakeholders.  NORA is under contract with the Cherokee Nation to provide a regional workforce plan focusing on sector strategies exploring the in-demand occupations of manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare.   NORA is conducting stakeholder, employer-driven sessions to determine workforce development strengths and opportunities in order to produce a more qualified workforce in the high job-creating industries in NE OK.

Empower a New Pipeline of Leaders  

The NORA Leadership Academy will enlighten leaders to the importance of the region as a whole in the state of Oklahoma. Our mission is to engage NORA’s fourteen counties, businesses and community leaders to enhance knowledge of regional assets and issues.  The program is designed not only to identify our regional strengths and build on them but to delve into issues facing our region and explore ways to bridge our differences. 

Advocate Public Policy

NORA will advocate for public policy priorities at the local, state and federal levels to support the NE Oklahoma business environment and our region.  NORA gives its members greater access to legislative process by developing a list of priorities for the 2017 state legislative session as well as holding a series of events focused at greater regional collaboration. 

Community Building

NORA continues to invest in individual communities by offering workshops in the area of capacity building.  Workshops include: how to start a 501 (c3), board development, and volunteer engagement.