Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance
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Legislative Advocacy

NORA Legislative Advocacy Agenda  

Education and Workforce Development

  • Advocate for federal funds at the state level to be used for support of short-term training of workers in sectors of high demand.
  • Advocate for strong Oklahoma educational funding and competitive standards at all levels to support the development of a strong workforce.
  • Support the development of a strong workforce through the growth of STEM and Career Pathways programs throughout the state.

Resources for Communities

  • Municipal Funding Diversification - Request Interim Study to examine the limitations placed on municipalities to explore other funding alternatives.

Healthcare Priorities

  • Recover funds to support the overall preventive and behavioral health of rural communities.
  • Support reimbursement of funding for providers of preventive, primary care and mental health services to Oklahomans in need.


  • Protection of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) eight-year highway and bridge construction plan.


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