Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance
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Legislative Advocacy

NORA Legislative Advocacy Agenda  


Regional Collaboration

Collaborative efforts are particularly critical in rural areas to leverage widespread resources and political power.  

  • Regionally Strong: Rural northeast Oklahoma is an untapped workforce and economy with over 602,000 residents, which rivals populations in the Tulsa and OKC areas. Our regional legislators must collaborate and vote as one to promote our region’s economic growth and vitality.
  • Renewable Funding: NORA has operated fiscally independent of state resources to develop our region; however, new revenue streams must be secured from the state to continue our momentum and build upon our work.

Education & Workforce Development

Workforce and talent development, retention, and recruitment is critical for economic growth.

  • Education Funding: Rural Oklahoma must be competitive with other states; therefore, new and recurring revenue is needed to provide a skilled workforce within our region. This includes secondary, post-secondary, and technical training.
  • Federal Funding Alignment: Short-term employment training is essential to create a skilled workforce with a competitive edge.
  • STEM and Career Pathway Programs: A strong labor force must be sustainable to meet developing workforce demands.


Strong Communities

Communities must have flexibility to respond to local matters.

  • Diversify Revenue Streams: Limited municipal tax revenue streams impede local ability to support community Oklahoma must change the way our local municipal governments are allowed to generate revenue for their communities.
  • Promote Local Economic Development: Preserve and strengthen towns' and cities' authority within their jurisdiction to promote local economic
  • Transportation Infrastructure: Build, repair, and maintain transportation infrastructure with community input to maximize communities' economic growth.
  • Employ Best Practices: Identify proven successful economic practices and support expansion of public/private partnerships.

Accessible Healthcare

Rural community hospitals are at risk making healthcare inaccessible and/or unaffordable.

  • Preventative and Behavioral Health: Funding must be recovered to provide preventative and behavioral health concerns to alleviate community costs resulting from poor health and
  • Support Funding Reimbursement: Medicaid funding reimbursement should be supported for providers of preventive, primary, and mental health care for Oklahomans in need.


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