Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance
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Legislative Advocacy

NORA Legislative Advocacy Agenda  

Education and Workforce Development

  • Advocate for strong Oklahoma educational funding and competitive standards at all levels to support the development of a strong workforce by instituting recurring, new and sustainable revenue.
  • Advocate for federal funds at the state level to be used for support of short-term training of workers in sectors of high demand.
  • Support the development of a strong workforce through the growth of STEM and Career Pathways programs throughout the state.

Resources for Communities

  • Support the removal of barriers to allow municipalities to reduce costs, operate efficiently and diversify sources of revenue available to municipalities for operating revenue. Key initiatives included diversifying revenues for funding public safety agencies, streets and other infrastructure improvements; and preserving and strengthening cities' authority to promote economic development activities within their borders. 
  • Support the expansion of public/private partnership using best practices.

Healthcare Priorities

  • Recover funds to support the overall preventive and behavioral health of rural communities.
  • Support reimbursement of funding for providers of preventive, primary care and mental health services to Oklahomans in need.


  • Protection of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) eight-year highway and bridge construction plan.


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