Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance
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Northeast Oklahoma has a highly skilled, work-ready talent pipeline in
place to sustain and grow business opportunities.

The Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance recognizes the value of a connected, strong, skilled workforce to ensure grown and sustainability. We strive to connect the region to provide resources and ensure than business have the talent needed to create wealth. We do this because workforce knows no boundaries or region. 

Our 14-county region boasts a population of more than 600,000 with a workforce that has a strong heritage in a broad range of industries.

We are constantly working to ensure that employers have a steady supply of high-quality employees, too. In addition to worker development programs in our area’s K-12 schools, northeast Oklahoma is served by a variety of higher education institutions that are focused on everything from vocational training to postgraduate options. We have a strong network of regional universities and career technology centers that provides programs in areas that are in high demand by employers, such as business, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality.

NORA recently conducted research for the Cherokee Nation to better align resources with employer needs in the three growth sectors of healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing.

This sector strategies regional planning allows employers, job seekers and workforce partners to better align and produce a strong workforce for the region.


In addition to programming, the NORA supports policy improvements and advocates for
education and workforce development.